Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Flowers

              I found 35 wild flowers in bloom along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail today. Not too bad for the 28th of October and working alone. I will be leading a wild flower walk on this same trail on November 5th. I suspect with more eyes we will find more flowers even if it is a week later and into the month of November.

            I also visited the Royal Botanical Rock Garden today. I had not visited it since it reopened in the spring after a long closure. Due to a  special function at the main building, I did not get to go into the new building but it really was the garden that I wanted to see as the RBG Rock Garden was the first public place I was introduced to when I arrived in Canada just over 50 years ago. Needless to  say, there are many changes but I still recognized the old rock garden behind all the new changes. Not very many flowers are in bloom at this time of year but it is still a beautiful place to visit. (Photos tomorrow when I have more time to download and process them.)

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