Saturday, April 02, 2016

Variable Weather

            The variable weather  continues. I would call it strange but after what we went through during the  winter strange seems almost normal now. Ups and downs of temperatures have, apparently, been good for maple syrup however. I heard on the CBC yesterday that this is the best maple sap collecting season for years and that there is a surplus of sap to the point that the evaporators cannot keep up and some farmers are even selling the uncondenced sap as a spring drink.

            Oh yes, the snow this April 2nd morning . . .

            Two weeks ago, on my Friday flower walk I found a Round-leaved Hepatica in bloom. Sharp-leaved Hepatica are supposed to be earlier but, on the face of it, it appears that the hepaticas have not been reading the literature. 


            This week, in spite of the cold weather and ice storm that happened last week, I anticipated seeing lots of hepatica on my walk but was disappointed. There were merely about a half dozen hepatica in bloom but at least a few of them were Sharp-leaved!

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