Sunday, April 03, 2016

New Trail

            OK, not too keen on this April snow. The weather stations are predicting 10 to 15 more cm later today. Hope they are wrong.  They missed the amount that they predicted yesterday. We got a lot less.

            Anyway, the snow gives a new look to the new trail I am in the process of constructing. For several years I have been thinking about putting a trail on the south side of the little stream that runs along the north side of Fleur-Ange's p property to give access to the area. I had a trail on the other side of the stream but the one bridge fell apart and I never did get the second bridge put in so the ravine has been off bounds for a year or so except for rough bush walking. I hope I can finish this south side trail and keep it open this coming summer. So far I have cut through the raspberry canes, and small trees and trimmed up the larger trees to make a path and then dug into the side of the hill to make the path a bit more level. There is still more digging to do and I want to do another 30 metres at the west end of the ravine to get to that end of the property.

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