Sunday, March 27, 2016

Interesting Morning

            The day started in fog but through the fog I observed two White-tailed Deer in our east meadow. Then, on the morning dog walk, I heard the first Eastern Towhees of the season. A few minutes later I saw three wild Tom Turkeys just off the trail. I was sorry to not get any photos of what I observed but still enjoy the memory. Sometimes the memories are more vivid than photos.

            From yesterday I have a couple more ice storm photos. Today, all the ice is gone from the trees but some trees still have a ring of ice around their bases from what fell off yesterday.

Iced Staghorn Sumac

Looking southwest from our west meadow.

            Re the Eastern Towhee, I found that Lang Elliott had posted excellent photos with sounds on his YouTube channel.

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Linda said...

Lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)