Saturday, August 23, 2014

Getting Into Details

        Spent most of the afternoon redoing some details of the walk. I now have the costs of the accommodations listed and details about the B & B's and camping areas so we know when we are having breakfasts provided, not often, and when we will have access to wi-fi, most but not all places. I also noted when we have use of kitchens and information about lean-tos. 

        Following is the Vermont State Park information about lean-to camping:
        "If you've never stayed in a lean-to you don't know what you're missing! Lean-to's are awesome - they shelter you from wind and rain, keep your gear dry and kids love to use them as a stage!
Like other sites, each lean-to site has a fire ring or fireplace with grill for cooking and a picnic table.
        Lean-to's are 13'4" wide and 9'3" deep. The front opening is 7.5" high and the lowest height at the back of the lean-to is 4'3".
        There are several ways to handle tent placement on a lean-to site. One way is not to use a tent at all and just set up your sleeping pads and bag inside the lean-to. Some use mosquito netting in the lean-to's to keep out the bugs. Some folks put their tents right inside the lean-to's - keeps 'em dry and also keeps out the bugs."

        The next step I want to work on is having more detailed maps and directions set up like the old Automobile Associations Trip-tiks. So far I have two days. Below is a blurry version of day 2. (I don't want to give away details here until they happen.)

        I have also replaced the old ground sheet for the tent and bought some camp fuel for the stove. Tomorrow I will clean up the stove and see if it still works or if I have to buy some replacement parts. Time is moving quickly towards the trip.

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