Friday, August 22, 2014

Accommodations Found

        Well, after hours and hours of looking on the internet via AIRBNB, Google Earth, Google Maps and Google searches, I have places for us to stay every night of our journey. We are about half time in State Parks and half time in B&B's. Some of the "Bed and Breakfast" locations include breakfast and some do not. Those that do not at least have cooking facilities so we can do our own. All of the State Parks have "Lean-to" camp sites which I chose so we will have dry places to stay even if it rains unless, by bad luck, there is a strong wind from the direction of the open part of the lean-to.

        Next steps include checking out all of our camping equipment. Some of it has not been used for a few years so . . . .

        My old tent seems to be in good condition. It just needs to air out a bit before we use it. Looks good in the yard for now.

        Given that it may be a bit cool by the end of September, I purchased a new cool weather sleeping bag for  Fleur-Ange. According to the papers that came with it, she should be good to well below the freezing point. Am I foolish to expect no snow before the end of September?


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