Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Activities

        Yesterday I joined my running group for a 13.6 km run in the snow. We had had about 10 cm of snow the night before and none of the roads or streets had been cleared and most of the sidewalks too were not shovelled. In addition it was windy and snowing continuously during our run. The wind chill varied between -19 and -21 C to make the run even a bit more challenging. I was pleased to be able to finish the run, not fall down, and still feel strong enough to do a couple of hours of work outside later in the afternoon. I took the dog on a long walk, and chopped wood for about an hour in addition to doing the usual put-the-animals-to-bed chores.

        This morning, after walking while the dog had a good run, I shovelled the walk and then the driveway. The 20 cm of snow that had arrived in the last two days was still light and fluffy as the temperatures were still well below freezing. It only took just over an hour and a half to do our 100 metre long driveway. The only hard part was the last 3 or 4 metres where the snowplough had thrown road snow with salt content onto the driveway. That snow was a lot heavier and hard to move.

        Below is my annual driveway photo with my car and shovel in the foreground.

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Pablo said...

I'm worn out just reading about your exertions!

Sounds like you had a good run!