Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bee and Run

        Yesterday I walked for 4 hours looking for wild flowers, mushrooms, and insects. I am not so good at identifying mushrooms and insects but I did find and identify 63 wild flowers still in bloom on this first Friday of October. I am not as good at identifying garden flowers but when I stopped to enjoy what ever flower was in the photo below, I noticed a bee also enjoying the flower. It was enjoying it so much that it allowed me to get quite close with my camera.

        Today I was on the run again. It was an 18 km training run for an upcoming half marathon. It was supposed to be long and slow but the speed was a bit more than was comfortable at times as I was with three other runners and they kept me moving. The distance was also a bit more than expected as my GPS said 18.75 at the end. Oh well, maybe that will make the half marathon easier in a few weeks.


LC Douglass said...

I'm in Ontario too. Today, there were so many bees in the Zinnias that when I came near, one flew at me in a waving back and forth motion - an obvious, buzz buzz 'go away we're busy' pattern and then went back to the flower. Lovely photo! And kudos on the exercise. I wish I could do as much.

kerrdelune said...

Sigh, I am just a tad envious of your wildflower count - there are so few blooming in our woods and fields now.

Ontario Wanderer said...

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