Saturday, February 24, 2007

On the Way Home

On the Way Home, originally uploaded by Églantine.

Just returned from a drive of almost 1800 km. For about 400 of those km the road looked a lot like this! Every large truck added more light, fluffy, blinding snow to the scene and sometimes we had 5 or 6 trucks in a row. Only one time was there a fool passing a truck. We were about 6 seconds too late for the head on crash. I am still shaking a bit. Thanks to Églantine for making this memorable photo.


robin andrea said...

That must have been a very long and arduous journey. Quite a distance to travel under those weather conditions. Good thing you made it home safely.

Endment said...

So glad you are home safely!

We sat out a storm in Massachusetts - so glad we did!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Robin, Thanks for your note. Most of the journey was not that bad and since we took the option of getting off the road when we did, we were both safe and better rested for the remaining trip.

Hi Endment, Sometimes sitting still is the best way to make progress.