Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Snow Cover

Finally, on December 5,we had our first snow cover. It was not much and it's gone today, December 6, but at least we know that winter is on its way. Below is the first sunrise over snow.

The sun caught some colour on the Fir trees just outside our library room window.

From the barn, the frost on the window makes neat patterns.


Endment said...

How beautifully you have captured the light!

Rachel said...

We had a one inch snow a few weeks ago, and today we got a dusting. Amazing that we got snow before you! Great pictures!!

robin andrea said...

Great light there. That frost pattern is beautiful too. Lovely.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thank you Endment.

Rachel, The weather is strange again this year. They are still in short-sleaved shirts in Europe where they are usually skiing.

Thanks Robin.

Pam in Tucson said...

That's the loveliest frost pattern I've seen on a window. Your sunrise is magnificent. I echo Endment on the wonderful way you've captured the light. How I envy you your snow. I never enjoyed digging out the car or shovelling the driveway, but I miss the snowy walks of our time in Connecticut.