Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December Sunrise

We had about five minutes of sunshine just as the sun came over the horizon this morning. This young walnut tree caught some of the first light.

I have been wanting to capture the beauty of the Wild Raspberry canes all fall. This is my best so far and still I am not quite satisfied as they are so striking to the eye everytime one passes by.


Anonymous said...

I've tried to capture the color or some blackberry canes several times with no luck. Too bad, because they really are eye catching.

Karen said...

Merry Christmas from B.C., OW. We enjoy your blog!

Walter Jeffries said...

It is a shame that cameras don't have the dynamic range of our eyes, yet. This is especially true of digital cameras although they are making advances with doubled up pixels of differing sizes and greater width in the analog to digital conversion.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sugar Mtn Farm
in Vermont

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thought I would have lots of blogs before New Years but a virus has me down so . . . Happy New Year. I'll try to be back in 2006 at least one more time.