Friday, December 08, 2006

Snowy December Flowers

It was snowing today and COLD for a difference. (OK, it was only -5 C with a wind chill of -12 but it felt cold.) In spite of the snow and cold, the Common Chickweed was blooming.

The Common Tansy was still hanging on.

But I was having difficulty by the time I got to this rose. My fingers and thumbs were going numb with cold and the wind was blowing so this rosebud does not look very sharp but I wanted to show it anyway as this rose still want to bloom if it gets some sun and warmer weather.


Marnie said...

"Oh, little rose tree, bloom!
Summer is nearly over.
The dahlias bleed, and the phlox is seed.
Nothing's left of the clover.
And the path of the poppy no one knows.
I would blossom if I were a rose.

"Summer, for all your guile,
Will brown in a week to Autumn,
And launched leaves throw a shadow below
Over the brook's clear bottom --
And the chariest bud the year can boast
Be brought to bloom by the chastening frost."

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at what's blooming in Ontario still...are you sure you're not in Vancouver??

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thank you for the poem Marnie.

Hi Anonymous,
Last I heard they were having snow in Vancouver. Perhaps the country got turned around when we were not looking.