Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Grandfather's Photos

Here are two vintage photos reconstructed from my grandfather's old negatives.

This may be my grandfather's sister or maybe not. I doubt that any alive can tell now. In any case, it was said, by my grandfather, that he had one of the first cars in the county back in earlier Kansas days.

Since my grandfather was a steam engine operator and mechanic, he would have enjoyed seeing and photographing this machine at the local county fair.

Thanks to Kansas Reader for sending me these old negatives a few years ago. Finally I figured out how to reconstruct them.


Lené Gary said...

Very cool, OW. I'm just now finding out about my father's family, which is interesting. I would love to see old photos of them one day too.

Anonymous said...

I love old photos like these. They give a real feeling for the past.

lisa said...

Love the old pics...really takes you back and gives a feel for what life was like then. I'm lucky also to have photos of my ancestors...I feel for people who have to dig for that kind of information. You don't realize how it impacts your identity unless you don't have that kind of acces. I've been such a ridiculously prolific photographer-almost every MONTH of my life is on visual record...for whomever gives a rip...;)