Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Art Sale Item

Well, the art show & sale are starting to take over my life. I hope I have time to blog a little in the next ten days. Probably very little. Here is one item I was working on today. It is a unfired clay face.

I am adding colour by mixing acrylic paint with car wax instead of water. Most of the paint is applied by hand with a cloth, but a brush is used at times to get into smaller places. At this time, 9:00 p.m., I have applied four different colours but the photo is from this morning when I only had one. More photos will follow tomorrow.


zeebouz said...

saw this photo over at flickrs ,
the other day !
cool works !
thAnk you for youR commenT ,
YES , all of the images are
made by myself .

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Zeebouz, Thanks for visiting and giving me your information.

Jenn said...

Raw clay?
Better be sure your buyer knows not to put that one outside!

Although I supose that would make an interesting bit of transient art, as well. Hmmm.