Thursday, July 20, 2006

Three July Flowers

This was to be posted yesterday but somehow the day slipped away from me.

When I first saw this lettuce in the early morning, it looked like it was almost ready to bloom but an hour later the petals had opened. It is Wild Lettuce or Lactuca canadensis.

The second flower of the day was a stinging nettle.

This nettle is called Tall Nettle or Urtica dioica ssp.gracilis which is a subspecies of Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica ssp dioica.

I saw this flower by the roadside yesterday and did not have time to stop to make a positive ID but stopped today to find that I had guessed correctly.

It is a Tansy or Tanacetum vulgare.


kerrdelune said...

This is splendiferous, each and every bit of it!

Tim Rice said...

Beautiful, wild pictures. Thanks!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thanks for your positive comments!