Thursday, July 06, 2006

At the Milkweed

As I was walking past some milkweeds this morning, a bit of bright orange caught my eye. This Ladybug had two joined spots and two single spots on each side.

The Eastern Tailed-blue Butterflies were pearched on both leaves and flowers of the milkweeds.

While I was attempting to take photos of the ladybugs and butterflies, this Deer Fly thought I would not notice her. I did notice, as I have fed these beasts before and don't like them eating on me!


Lené Gary said...

The milkweed is in full bloom here too. I had never seen a white one blooming before yesterday--I'm hoping to look it up later. It seemed to have less fragrance than the mauve ones.

Great looking butterfly!

Kindred Nutmeg said...

Wow what a pleasure to have stumbled upon this blog.. Hats off for the beauty you share here.. Thank You.. from this Canuck..

Oh and our milkweed is also in full bloom.. I wish they would market that scent.. its a beauty..


robin andrea said...

That butterfly is quite beautiful. I keep reading about milkweed (here and over at Burning Silo), but I don't know what it is! I'm thinking it must be a common flowering plant, but I have no idea! They sure do attract the coolest insects.