Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mostly Overcast Day

Some days wake up foggy.

Since it was cloudy and not too dreadfully hot, I thought I would try to reclaim some of our trails from the White Sweet Clover that is taking over our property this year. Last year there was hardly any White Sweet Clover. This year it is up to 3 metres (9 feet) tall and when it bends over our walking trails we have to fight to get through. I spent about two and a half hours this morning cutting back clover from about 200 metres (200 yards +) of trail. Below is a before and after shot of about 20 metres of trail.

While cutting, I found this Yellow Bear caterpillar from the Virginian Tiger Moth (Spilosoma virginica).


Lowa said...

Just found your blog again. I had misplaced it in my faves!

Those berries look divine! And the bugs are so great. I love bugs!

I will have to sit with my 7 year old and let him see these photos tomorrow. He is playing a game of stratego with his father before he heads off to bed.

I will be back!!

threecollie said...

Wow, that fog photo is something special!
Really evokes the beauty of these lovely July mornings.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lowa, Glad to see you here again.

Threecollie, I have trouble with July mornings when I am sweating while doing something as simple as using a keyboard.

Norene Griffin said...

cool caterpillar!