Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday - Photos from the Week

            On Thursday, Fleur-Ange and I had a walk on the rail trail starting in Harrisburg. Most, but not all, of the leaves were off the trees. The Oaks were still hanging on to their leaves as well as a few shrubs.

             We walked for 2.4 kilometres on the trail and then turned around as Fleur-Ange had a meeting with one of her friends that she needed to go to. Our turnaround point was a pond with a skim of ice and one bright tree on the far side.

            On Friday, we had our first good snowfall of the season. We had about 10 cm on the ground. Sadie and I walked some of the trails on our property.

            I went to the RBG for my volunteer job on Friday and also spent time walking about looking for flowers above the snow. I found 9 species that were not buried.

            Below is the American Witch-hazel from the RBG's Woodland Garden.

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