Saturday, November 10, 2018

Friday Flowers - November 9

             Friday was cool and wet. It was raining the first time I went out from the RBG but scaled back to mist on my second wild flower walk. The first time I went out, I stayed in the area of the cultivated Rose Garden looking for "weeds" along the edges of the flower beds. I was looking, in particular, for  a goldenrod that was still in bloom. In a moment of weakness, or possible wish to be creative, I volunteered to make a model of a goldenrod for an event at the RBG in the late winter. I want to make a scale model of a goldenrod large enough to capture the attention of people walking by a display of goldenrod information. To do that, I really needed to find a goldenrod that was still blooming to take a close look at the flowers. I had been watching, and recording, a Tall Goldenrod near one of the flower beds and went there in the rain to see if it was still blooming. It was, I picked it; therefore, I shall not be able to record that bloom next week. So it goes.
Here is one of the photos that I took of one of the flowers. One can see 3 disk florets and several ray florets.

            If I really want to be faithful to the plant, I shall have to make around 100 variations of the flower. We'll see how much patience I have.

            Following are the other wild flowers that I found on my walks:

Alyssum, Hoary *
Aster, Heath
Aster, New England
Aster, Panicled
Beggar Tick
Butter-And-Eggs *
Catnip *
Chickweed, Common * 
Clover, White Sweet *
Dandelion, Red-Seeded *
Evening Primrose, Common
Galinsoga *
Galinsoga, Small-Flowered *
Lady's Thumb, Spotted *
Madder, Wild (Bedstraw) *
Nightshade, Bittersweet *
Queen Anne's Lace *
Shepherd's Purse *
Smartweed, Pale or Nodding
Sow Thistle, Common *
Sow Thistle, Field *

Tansy *

            (As usual, the * after the name means that they are not native to our area.)

            I managed to get one photo of a Snowberry in the rain:

            While I was on the Waterfront Trail in Hamilton, I spotted a large laker out in the harbour in the mist and fog:

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