Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tiny Spiders and Tiny Webs

            I have no idea how many tiny spider webs I have noticed in the grasses and low plants over the years. They seem to be most numerous in the fall or I seem to notice them more in the fall. 

            Anyway, this morning I had a closer look. There seem to be tiny spiders  under the webs. How could I have not noticed until this morning. I took several photos. This one seemed to be the best.

            I believe it is one of the "Sheetweb Weavers," and   possibly the spider called the Filmy Dome Spider (Neriene radiata).


Pablo said...

I certainly find more spider webs in the fall when I'm walking in the woods. Usually I find them with my face.

robin andrea said...

We've been seeing lots of spider webs too, and I had been wondering about why we see so many in the fall. The lovely part is when they are all covered in the morning dew. Quite beautiful.