Monday, September 07, 2015

Lost Flickr Account

        Today, on a whim, I thought I would put a photo up on my long ignored Flickr account. It appears that I cannot get into my account any more. When I tried to get a new password, Flickr also gave me a new, unwanted, name. I heard, earlier this year, that I had paid for another year of Pro account and went in and deleted that pro account but was told it was good for another year and so I did not get my money back. So now I have an account that I cannot access. Given that I did not like what Flickr had done to my account and now that I cannot get in, I guess it is officially all over.

        Following is the photo I was going to put up on  Flickr and which I have already put up on my  Facebook page. (Wonder if I should look at the other photo account that I started and then ignored. What was it called? Instagram maybe?)

        The photo is of a Katydid that I found in our east meadow this morning. I don't know what kind of Katydid it is and am not sure if it is in full adult form yet. It was found on a Tall Goldenrod and I tried to photograph it there but it kept moving so I collected it on my hand to see if it would stay there. It did and I took several photos before putting it back on the goldenrod.

        Will I be putting up more photos on this blog? Will I write more? Time will tell. I do mentally put up blogs everyday but somehow the mental and the physical don't often happen together as is obvious as there has been nothing on the blog since April.

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Pablo said...

I'll keep coming back to find out.