Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Springing On

Spring happenings continue with new flowers out almost daily now even though temperatures have remained cool. It was only 5° (41°F) this morning and my hands got cold as I held the dog lead this morning.

Here is why I am keeping the dog on the lead these days!

Mother American Woodcock and chicks are doing well so far.

The sky is putting on some great shows in the morning. This was what greeted us today at the breakfast table.

Some of the new flowers in our area . . .

Carolina Spring Beauty

Sharp-lobed Hepatica


Pablo said...

After such a long winter, it seems that spring has passed us by here in the Midwest. We're having 80 (F) degree days now.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Pablo, I saw that the area in Kansas that I grew up in was up to 90° F the other day. Meanwhile, up here in southern Ontario, it was just 40° F that morning. The weather forecast is for it to get up to 73° F tomorrow, which will be our warmest this year.