Thursday, May 01, 2014

Spring Will Come

First day of May and I could see my breath as I went out to walk the dog this morning. I am sure it will soon be as hot as it was cold during the winter but it has not happened yet. Meanwhile I did see some signs of warming weather:

Lots of spider webs on the shrubs and old goldenrod stems were gathering dew this morning.

The European Larch needles are growing quickly now.

The Highbush Cranberry leaves are beginning to break out of their buds.

The Sweet Viburnum leaves ate out of the bud and growing quickly.

And the American Woodcock is nesting in the field.


LC Douglass said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos! It was a really rough winter - long, relentless, now waiting for mosquitoes south of Ottawa.

robin andrea said...

Nice to see these signs of spring there. Hope things warm up soon and everything blooms and blossoms happily in the sun!