Sunday, November 29, 2009

Steel Town

Steel Town
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I looked across the Hamilton Harbour just as Defasco put up a lot of smoke and steam at the steel mill.

I am still annoyed with myself for not doing the tour in the days when they were still doing them. Too many safety regulations these days to allow the public in. (I expect gyms to be closed soon for the same reason.)

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Lorac said...

I did a lot of standby rescue work at Stelco on and off for years. Definitely not places you would want public walking around in. They are very dangerous to work in. Also extremely dusty. I was always filthy when I finished my shift.The workers need to wear respirators fro safety in many areas. These could not be supplied to the public so they would be breathing noxious fumes. Looks cool from the outside, not too cool inside.