Friday, November 13, 2009

Late Flowering Daisy

Late Flowering Daisy
Originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer

Found at the Hamilton, Ontario waterfront on November 13, 2009. It was one of fifty-seven species that I saw in bloom today in the same area. Also included in the fifty-seven were three species that I had never seen before in November. My list of wild flowers found blooming in November is now up to 201 species seen in the last 11 years.


Lorac said...

That many? Wow, i din't really think about it before. Pretty neat. I brought in a pot of mums I had given up on as it gave of two little flowers. Didn't have the heart to leave it out.

Ontario Wanderer said...

I first stumbled upon some very late blooming flowers in the 80's and found, when I really started looking, that there are many individual flowers in little micro-climates here and there that bloom quite late. Over the years I have found many little places to check so I do find more wild flowers that most people think exist out of season.