Friday, January 16, 2009

Flickr Photo Project - Photo Out of Focus

Project 365 - Photo 11 . . . Out of Focus # 5, originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer.

This photo is a detail from a post card sent in September of 1917.

As I read it, it says,

Hello Doc. Walt and I are now regular sailors except that we have never been on the water and don't know how to sail. Write. Jack.

[Corrected the typo "Walt and I are now..." is correct, not "Walt and I are not...." I made that same error a few years ago on a newsletter and got raked over the coals but my fingers still make the same error at times and the spell check just doesn't catch it.]


Danielle said...

Interesting! Do you know any more of the story behind this postcard?

Ontario Wanderer said...

Sorry, I have not much to add. I have a bunch of old postcards that I was given or found when I was stamp collecting as a youngster. I don't know where this one came from. The names were not familiar to me.

Anonymous said...

Does it possibly say "Walt and I are now. . ."?

Thinking of you guys today.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Yes, Ardis, you are correct. It was a typo by Ontario Wanderer.

Anonymous said...

Quel documentation énorme ! Photographies très riches... Bravo. :)

Google translation :

What documentation huge! Photographs very rich ... Bravo. :)