Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Wonder, originally uploaded to Flickr by Ontario Wanderer.

I wonder why my legs, back and arms are so sore. I have only shoveled this lane way twice in the last three days . . . and what is that white stuff coming down outside? (Yes, we could pay for a snow plow truck to come through but as long as I am able and still kind of enjoying it, I shall shovel. It means I can eat more for supper.)


Anonymous said...

I'm a little busy with family down here in Kansas City, but if I find some free time, I'll come up there and help.

Ontario Wanderer said...

I am touched! Thank you so much Pablo. One never knows what kind of friendships will happen when one goes on a blog. Would you like me to get ready with iced tea, no sugar, or do you drink hot tea in the winter? Oh, and Fleur-Ange says you can bring your family along too if your wish.