Friday, January 05, 2007

This Brevipetala Witchhazel (Hamamelis mollis) is a winter blooming shrub, but the earliest I have seen it, before today, was in early February and that was last year. Other years, it's been March before it bloomed. I also saw Snowdrops in bloom today and saw new leaves on Honeysuckle shrubs in our plus eleven Celsius temperatures. There were also a variety of wild flowers in bloom here and there.


Anonymous said...

I wish I were out in my woods to see what's happening in our unseasonal warmth. Thanx, as ever, for sharing.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Pablo, I think, if I read Roundrock correctly, you have been out in your woods by now. I don't seem to be doing as well at posting lately in spite of your example. Thanks for taking the time to look in on this blog.

Unknown said...

The photo is beautiful but it is scary that the snowdrops and witchhazel is so early. More proof of global warming?
I'm in Chicago and it has been unseasonably warm here too but I hear next week will chill quite a bit.