Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Moonlight, originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer.
I was trying out the night setting on my camera as the temperatures were not too cold and the moon was bright. I got some strange colours in the sky but I toned them down a bit for putting up on the internet.


Linda said...

Beautiful picture. Did you use a tripod?

Anonymous said...

Impressive wanderings and beautiful photos!

Endment said...

I have also been trying to get some night shots - no success... This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very nice OW, and very pastoral.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great site. I came across you via Clare over at The House. I am originally from Niagara and a bit of a wanderer myself. Your photos make me a bit homesick, and a bit jealous too. Really amazing. Thanks for putting them out there to be shared.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Linda, I rested the camera on the porch railing and held my breath.

Jacquie, Thank you!

Endment, My Fuji camera has a night setting that seemed to work in the bright, snowy moonlight.

Clare, Thanks, so far the city has not pushed too hard in our direction but developers are buying land not too far away.

C'est moi, Thanks for visiting. My site has been suffering a bit of neglect lately but perhaps I can make it part of my routine again sometime soon.