Friday, September 01, 2006

A Snake Story

So, I was wandering along looking for wild flower as usual and found a neat thistle that I was setting up to photograph when another photographer wandered by and stopped to watch and look at my camera. As we were chatting, he suddenly said, "Look! There's a snake on that stump."

As we watched, and got out camera focused, the snake slowly crawled further up on the stump and started his way across. There was a caterpillar also crawling on the stump and we waited for the snake to help himself, but he ignored it and slithered over to a spot where I could not see him. I continued to chat and moved my camera back to the thistle when my new friend again said, "Look, the snake has a frog." Close, it was a toad.

While we watched, and clicked away with our cameras from different angles, the snake slowly worked the toad into its mouth. (Must be hard work swallowing something bigger than your head.)

The snake finally got the toad mostly inside and left the area while we congratulated ourselves on being at the right place at the right time for some neat photos.

Some of you may be glad to see more sculptures tomorrow.

To the person who sent me a correction on an earlier post, I have changed the word in question. A native dancer dresses in "regalia" not a "costume" as I wrote before. My error! Sorry about that.


Pam in Tucson said...

That's awesome! Fantastic to witness and great that you had your camera to get those fine photos. I don't know much about snakes except those around here and some venomous ones in the east. What kind of snake is it?

Marnie said...

Great pictures! I haven't seen a snake all summer.

robin andrea said...

You were definitely in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, the same thing can not be said for the frog. Wonderfully shot. Quite a moment.

Endment said...


Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Pam, The snake is a garter snake. They are quite harmless unless you are a toad or frog or some other small animal.

Marnie, What, all that tromping around in the wilds of Toronto and no snakes seen?

Robin, I felt lucky. The toad did not feel so lucky. The snake seemed to be lucky. Luck comes and goes.

Endment, Depressive if one happens to be a toad.

Jenn said...

Love that last shot. Poor lil' toad.

Linda said...

I am catching up on reading your blog--wonderful photos as usual. Kansas lore--snakes get mice but if there are cats, no snakes--at any rate, we don't seem to see many frogs around anymore, snakes or no snakes.

Marnie said...

>What, all that tromping around in the wilds of Toronto and no snakes seen?

I know, weird, huh? I'm thinking of taking a jointed wooden snake I have out for a photo shoot, to see if anyone notices. :)