Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunrise Cactus # 2

The sunrise yesterday was not too colourful but as the sun came up the rays caught the cactus house plant on my windowsill.

Here is an even closer look.


Anonymous said...

Hello, responding to your questoin on The House and other Artic Musings site. Many people in southern VA and NC call soda "pop", but most everyone else I have met refers to it as "soda". Pop seems to be a dying term even here, as "soda" is more and more prevalent. My wife is from Richmond Virginia and had never heard the term "pop" until she moved to NC. If I say pop in that area, people either ask me what I am talking about, especially kids, or chuckle about it. During college I caught a lot of slack for saying "pop" and I was only ninety miles to the north in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was the first time I had to start using the word soda. As far as American television goes, I'm pretty sure it is universally called soda, I don't think I have ever heard the term "pop" in the media. That is why I found it so interesting that pop is a common word in Canada. I was under the impression that it was a very regional term for soda-pop. I once posted about how my two year old became an official North Carolinian when he first said "I want pop." It looks like I was off by quite a bit on the scope of the words use though! Great photography and documentation on your site.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Re the "soda-pop" discussion...I grew up in Kansas with "pop" being the usual word. I'm not sure what is "usual" here as we don't buy pop very often but I've not heard "soda" in conversations.