Tuesday, September 06, 2005


In order to celebrate the first day of school in our area, Églantine and Ontario Wanderer are off wandering. (We are both retired schoolteachers; enough said.) If there are no blogs for a while, we don't have access to computers.

We leave you with this shot of the setting crescent moon from Sept. 5.

Just over 2% of the moon was showing as new moon was on the 4th. I was lucky to get this shot as I rarely even see the moon with this small amount showing. It took several blind shots to get this one as the digital camera view screen refused to register anything at this low light level.


roger said...

if you have left already when i send this, welcome back. if not, bon voyage. what a perfect way for retired teachers to celebrate school's opening. inquisitive readers eagerly (yet patiently) await your usual fine photos.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful wandering. And then come back when you're finished so you can share your adventures with all of us.

(Blogger hates me. It won't let me leave my name properly at any of the sites I visit.)


KFarmer said...

Happy Trails to you! And thank you so much for looking for the "pine cone plant"

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thanks for the bon voyage notes. We do have computer access for a couple of days here on the edge of London so I will put a few travel notes on the blog with photos to come later.

Lené Gary said...

It's beautiful. Have a fun trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

In about 10 years, god willing, I will also be a retired teacher as well as my wife. Love your shot of the moon.