Friday, November 18, 2022

Witch Hazel - Sit Spot #1339 - November 18, 2022

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'Winter Dawn' Witch Hazel
has many, many flower right now
in the RBG Arboretum Shrub Collection

Friday, November 18, 2022 4:35 p.m.

Sit 1339 : Brush Pile West : Partly Cloudy

+1° (-4°)  W 28-42 kph  69% humidity 

Wind in Trees,

(Traffic noises),

(Jet - Delta Airlines flight 139…),


2:40 a.m. -

Bright moonlight,

Light breeze,


7:17 a.m. Sunrise -

Crows calling,

White-breasted Nuthatch,


Blooming Plants Along the RBG Trails

Alyssum, Hoary 

Aster, Arrow-Leaved

Aster, New England

Aster, Panicled

Chicory, Wild 

Clover, White Sweet 

Dandelion, Common 

Evening Primrose, Common

Galinsoga, Small-Flowered 

Goldenrod, Tall

Groundsel, Sticky 

Knotweed, Japanese 

Ox-Tongue, Hawkweed

Queen Anne's Lace 

Sow Thistle, Spiny-Leaved 

Wall-Rocket, Narrow-Leaved  

Witch-hazel, American


Witch Hazel, 'Winter Dawn'*

Seen or heard

from Kitchen or

Kitchen Porch

Blue Jays,



Crows cawing,

Mourning Doves,


Red-breasted Nuthatch,

White-breasted Nuthatches,

House Sparrow,

Downy Woodpecker,

Black Squirrels,

Grey Squirrels.

Photo Site #9 - 
Looking out from West Brush Pile

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