Monday, January 31, 2022

Leftovers - Sit Spot #1099 - January 31, 2022

Not sure who was eating
what they were eating
but these were left on the snow

Monday, January 31, 2022 10:45 a.m.

Sit 1099  :  Brush Pile W  :  Sunny 

-13° (-13°) SW 2-3 kph  85%humidity 

Crows cawing in distance & up close,

(Jet - United Airlines flight 267...),

Chickadees calling,

Dog barking in distance,

Crow giving rattle call,


6:15 - Venus shining brightly,

Along the Trails -

Blue Jays screaming,

Red Squirrel running,

Crows cawing in distance,

Donkey braying,

Snow crunching underfoot,

Fresh Deer tracks,

Fresh Squirrel tracks,

Fresh Rabbit tracks,

Fresh Coyote tracks,

Juncos feeding on ground,

Bluebirds in west meadow,

Cedar Waxwings,

Goldfinches calling,

Fresh rodent tracks,

Kitchen Window and Bird Feeder -

Blue Jays,



Mourning Doves,

Purple Finch,



Red-breasted Nuthatch,

White-breasted Nuthatches,

Red-bellied Woodpecker,

Black Squirrels,

Grey Squirrel,

Photo Site #2 - East Willow

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