Friday, December 24, 2021

Tracks - Sit Spot #1061 - December 24, 2021

Tracks in the morning snow
Top Left = Coyote - I think
Top Right = ??
Bottom left and right = Rodents of some kind

Friday, December 24, 2021 10:05 a.m.

Sit 1061  :   Brush Pile W  :   Cloudy 

0° (-4°) E 11-17. Kph  73% humidity 

(Traffic noises in distance),

(Jet - United Airlines flight 42...),

Blue Jays,

Raven calling,


7:00 a.m. - Great Horned Owl calling,

7:40 a.m. - Chickadees calling,

Along the Trails -

Donkey braying,

Blue Jays screaming,

Snow crunching underfoot,

Crows cawing in distance,

Squirrel tracks in snow,

Rabbit tracks in snow,

Mouse/Vole trail in snow,

Deer tracks in snow,

Chickadees calling,

Coyote tracks in snow,

White-tailed Deer snorting,

Downy Woodpecker calling,

Unknown small animal tracks in snow,

Cat tracks in the snow?,

Kitchen Window and Bird Feeder -

Blue Jays,



Mourning Doves,

Flicker - 1st in December,



Red-breasted Nuthatches,

White-breasted Nuthatches,

Downy Woodpecker,

Red-bellied Woodpecker,

Red Squirrel.

Photo Site #1 - East Pond

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