Wednesday, June 09, 2021

One of the Plan B Organic Farm Greenhouses
Note at least 5 vegetable crops
with lines for the vine tomatoes

Wednesday, June 9, 2021  4:05 p.m.

Sit 864  :   Brush Pile W : Partly cloudy 

+29° (+37°) S 6-9 kph  58% humidity 


Song Sparrow,

Yellow-billed Cuckoo,


Red-winged Blackbirds,

Dames Rocket blooms,


Unidentified bird calls,


Mourning Doves,

Extras :

Along the trails -


Red-winged Blackbirds,


Garter Snake,

Song Sparrow,

Blue Jays,

Mourning Doves,


Field Sparrow,

1st Canada Anemone blooming,

1st Butter & Eggs bloom seen by Fleur-Ange on road,

Other Flowers Seen in bloom today -

*= not native (T)=tree (S)=shrub

Alexanders, Golden,

Blackberry, Common; (S)

Blue-eyed Grass, Common

Buttercup, Tall *

Carrion Flower, Common *

Celandine *

Chickweed, Mouse-ear *


Clover, Alsike *

Clover, Red *

Clover, White * 

Columbine, Garden *

Columbine, Wild

Comfrey, Common, *

Daisy, Oxeye *

Dandelion, Common *

Fleabane, Common

Fleabane, Daisy

Forget-Me-Not, True *

Geranium, Wild

Grape, Riverbank

Ground Ivy *

Hawkweed, Field *

Herb Robert *

Medic, Black *


Orchard Grass *

Parsnip, Cow

Peppergrass, Field *

Plantain, English *

Rocket, Dame’s *

Rocket, Yellow *

Speedwell, Common

Spiderwort *

Stonecrop sp *

Trefoil, Birdsfoot *

Tulip Tree

Valerian, Garden *

Vetch, Hairy *

Vetch, Cow *

Wood Sorrel, Yellow

Cultivated Plants

Burning Bush *

Cranesbill, Bloody *

Iris *

Loosestrife, Dotted *

Magnolia, Fall *

Kitchen Window and Bird Feeder -

Red-winged Blackbird,

Blue Jays,



White-breasted Nuthatch,

Hairy Woodpecker,


Black Squirrels,

Grey Squirrels,

Red Squirrel.

Photo Site #5 - Front "Forest" Trail

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Jenn Jilks said...

I enjoy going to greenhouses! Even virtually!