Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Trail - Sit Spot #841 - May 18, 2021

Part of our North Ravine Trail
Apple trees above and
Ferns below

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 9:55 a.m.

Sit 841  : Brush Pile W : Sunny

+18° (+18°) SW 7-11 kph  49% humidity 


Blue Jays,

Song Sparrow,


(Construction noises),

Grey Tree Frog,

Common Yellowthroat,

Towhee & Catbird on Brush Pile 

   limbs; they do not seem to 

   know I am inside the pile,


Sunrise -

Robins singing,

Crows cawing,

Red-winged Blackbirds  calling,

Cardinals singing,

Along the  trails -

Rose-breasted Grosbeak 

Mourning Doves,

Blue Jays,



Red-winged Blackbirds,


Song Sparrow,


Common Yellowthroat,

Garter Snake,



Tree Swallows on bird house 

Bluebirds calling,

Great Crested Flycatcher,

White Cabbage Butterfly,

Spring Azure butterfly,


Baltimore Oriole,

Small brown/beige moths,

Flowers Seen in bloom today -

*= not native (T)=tree (S)=shrub

Alexanders, Golden

Apple *(T)

Baneberry, Red

Bittercress, Hairy *

Buttercup, Kidneyleaf,

Celandine *

Cherry, Choke (s)

Chickweed, Common *

Chickweed, Mouse-ear *

Coltsfoot *

Crowfoot, Hooked

Current, European Red *

Current, Wild Black

Dandelion, Common *

Dandelion, Marsh *

Dead-Nettle, Purple *

Dead-Nettle, Spotted *

Forget-Me-Not, True *

Geranium, Wild

Ground Ivy *

Hyacinth, Grape *


Meadow-rue, Early

Mustard, Garlic *

Periwinkle *

Phlox, Wild Blue

Plum, American (T)

Pussytoes, Smaller

Rocket, Yellow *

Speedwell, Common *

Speedwell, Corn *

Speedwell, Thyme-Leaved *

Strawberry, Barren

Strawberry, Field

Strawberry, Woodland

Trillium, White

Violet, Common

Violet, Dog

Wild Ginger

Cultivated Plants

Barberry, Japanese *

Daffodil *

Forsythia *

Hyacinth, Grape *

Iris *

Lily-0f-the-Valley *

Pear *

Quince *

Solomon Seal, Cultivated *

Tulip *

Kitchen Window and Bird Feeder -

Blue Jays,


Mourning Doves,


Rose-breasted Grosbeak,

1st Hummingbird of the season,

Baltimore Oriole,


Downy Woodpecker,

Hairy Woodpecker,


Black Squirrels,

Grey Squirrel.

Ordered so items from Home Depot

in the morning for pick up. I did not hear

back from them yet. They must be busy.

Worked on cleaning up the

west walkway flower gardens 

and planted one tomato plant.

Yesterday evening after the blog was written-

1st Bat of the season,

1st Cultivated Solomon Seal blooming,

Green Frog calling in west pond.

Photo Site #9 - 
Looking out from the West Brush Pile

West Brush Pile
from the outside looking in.
The Towhee & Catbird were perched
on the limbs outside
not from from my ears today.
(Photo from Fleur-Ange from January.)

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