Saturday, August 29, 2020

Cherry - Ragweed again - Sit Spot - August 29, 2020

Choke Cherry leaves are turning colour

Giant Ragweed again
Male florets on top
Female florets on bottom
Both very small and even smaller on
the Common Ragweed

August 29, 2020 4:35 p.m.

Sit 580  : Brush Pile W : Mostly cloudy 

+20° (+21°) w 33-50 kph 69% humidity 

Insect calls,

(Jet, traffic noise),

(Wiggins Airways flight 7413…),

Trees creaking in wind, 

Virginia Knotweed blooming nearby,

Canada Goldenrod blooming nearby,

Late Goldenrod blooming nearby,

Daisy Fleabane blooming nearby,

Leaves Blowing in wind,

No bird sounds!

Giant Ragweed blooming nearby,

Extras :

2:30 a.m.- Insect calls, 

6:30 a.m.-

       Insect calls,,

       Crickets calling,

       Bats flying,

Along the trails -

High winds sounds in trees!

(I turned down my hearing aides),


Insect calls,



Chipmunk Chipping,

Many small beige moths below knee level, 

(Flitting for a week or two but not recorded),

Monarch Butterfly,

Garter Snake,

Barn Swallows in p.m.

Kitchen Windows and Bird Feeder -


Mourning Doves,


Pewee heard in distance,


Black Squirrels,

Red Squirrels.

Photo Site #3 - West Meadow Viewpoint

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It's that time of year!