Sunday, April 12, 2020

Coltsfoot / tussilage pas-d'âne / (Tussilago farfara - April 12, 2020

On March 29 we found Coltsfoot blooming in a ditch near our place and everyday since then I have been looking for it on our property. Up until yesterday there was absolutely no sign of it. Our patch is on a northern ravine slope so it is slower than in many other places.

This morning I saw first one, then three and finally thirteen emerging flowers and many more emerging plants. Amazing how quickly things grow when they decide it is time.

I took all three photos of the plants in various stages this morning all within a metre of each other.

Emerging plants

Plants stretching up

Flower opening up. 
It should be all the way open later today
 if the sun comes out.


I was correct. 
There were blooms in the afternoon 
and over 60 plants showing colours.

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