Sunday, October 14, 2018

Some Fall Colours

I did another  l o n g  training run yesterday for my attempt at a marathon in November. I ran 36.7 k on trails along the Grand River. I had support for the last 20 k from another runner in my running group, Ian Slater. As I ran the first 16 k on my own, I saw three deer and managed to get a photo of one with my iPhone.

During the morning, while I was out running, Fleur-Ange got this wonderful photo of a Blue Jay just outside our kitchen window at our bird feeder.

The fall colours do not seem a bright as some years but Fleur-Ange and I both enjoyed the colours just east of our house as we had our morning coffee on the east porch.

I used the telephoto lens on the Canon camera to shrink the distances among these trees and I think the colours were increased too. This is from the north ravine trail on our property.

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