Thursday, November 14, 2013

Medal and Toque

        The Hamilton Road2Hope sent me my second place medal and toque through the mail. It arrived yesterday. I think I need to set up some way of displaying my medals now that I have something other than a participation medal.


Pablo said...

Well done!

Ontario Wanderer said...

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Ontario Wanderer said...

Spencefitness Brantford Well done Dean Gugler!!!

Pam Leyland How about subs for life

Sarah McAlister Dean you are such an inspiration

Wendy McIntosh Prowse Once again, congratulations!!!!

Bernice Schaeffer Good for you, you must walk a lot as your pictures show and deserve your medals.

Vjane Gordon Congratulations dean
Maybe I should be giving out medals for my classes
I am going to think about it for the enhanced studio
There is certainly not enough medal/ing going on

Sam Connolly Congratulations. Make an online museum of your medals.

ChadandNancy Gambacort Way to GO!!!!

Leanne Rutter Awesome! I think you should just put them both on and wear them into Subway!!