Monday, October 01, 2012

So we had a warm winter with very little snow then a hot summer with almost no rain and we expected the well to go dry at any time. Now it is fall and we have had a few good rains and now the well is too low for the pump to bring up any water.

We had a truck load of water dumped into the well a few minutes ago and now we will have water for a bit but I saw the water drop a good metre before the truck got out of the driveway. I checked all the water taps and flushed the toilets and then the water slowed to a trickle. Not sure what is wrong now.


Anonymous said...

Lord knows if it isn't one thing it's another. Hope you get that figured out, and without it costing a fortune.

Anonymous said...

I hope that water problem is solved soon. I had a conversation just yesterday with my brother who lives in Virginia. He told me that the water table has dropped quite a bit in their neck of the woods. Where people used to drill 125 feet for water, they are now having to go down as far as 300. Spooky dry times, even after rains.