Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blogging Today

Every day I write a blog . . . in my head. Then, when I get back to the house and the computer, there are many other things that take over my brain and the blog disappears before it gets posted. OK, another trial to put up something more often.

Some special events: I found the Skunk Cabbage blooming again this past week on Friday, Feb. 17th. It was blooming at the RBG Hendrie Valley where I usually look for the first blooms and also at the RBG's Arboretum along the Capt. Cootes Trail. Just for the record, this is the earliest in the year that I have ever found the Skunk Cabbage in bloom.

This morning I heard the Cardinal starting to sing it's spring song. Several times before I thought I had heard it but when I listened again it was the Carolina Wren that has been here all winter this year. This morning it was the Cardinal for sure.

The Chickadees have been singing for at least two weeks now.

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