Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow and Missing Kittens

We had a "blizzard" last night. Actually there was not as much snow as predicted but we did have howling winds. Anyway, when I went to the barn this morning to feed the animals both of our newly vaccinated, spayed, and healed kittens were missing. I had just put Fluffy back into the barn last night when I took Grebouille out for his trip to be neutered today. There was no fur, no blood, no signs of struggle, just nothing! I've no idea how they could have both just disappeared. There were no tracks around the barn and none of the other animals seemed out of sorts in any way. The only way into and out of the barn is through the donkey's stall and I cannot imagine him letting any other animal in other than possibly another cat. My only idea is that the cats may have gone outside and been captured by an owl or some other animal or that they are hiding for some reason. They have always greeted me at the door every morning so I really don't think they are hiding. I've gone out looking for them several times but always there is just a barn empty of kittens. Sigh!

I had to dig a bit to get the cars out this morning as I had to take Grebouille to the vet this morning. I left my car close to the road last night before the storm so I did not have to dig so far to get out this morning. After I got back home I dug out the driveway. It took a bit over 2 1/2 hours including time out to fix the shovel when the handle came off. I was glad that the snow was not too heavy. I decided that I did not have to go to the gym to work out today after all that shovelling.

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