Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Finished Work from Neville Gabie at the RBG Earth Art Show: The constructed cube is made from a red oak tree that was felled due to its having died due to the gypsy moth and dry weather. The stump of the tree is next to the art piece. Neville cut up the logs into cubes of various sizes and them fit them together into a giant cube the sits by the old stump.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a whole series I learned about once... from Scotland maybe??? I love this. Where can I go to see it in person?

Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Jennifer,
Sorry, I forgot to add the information to the blog. It's on the Flickr site. Anyway, the show goes from July to October 13 at the Royal Botanical Gardens on the border of Hamilton and Burlington Ontario. Some of the sculptures are in "Hamilton" and others are in "Burlington" and the RBG sits in both cities. This piece is right across from the RBG Headquarters in Burlington and near the Rose Garden. There are maps in the headquarters that show where all of the pieces are located. There are also, as of this weekend, other sculptures in the Rose Garden area and there is another sculpture show in Hamilton so its a great time to see outdoor sculptures in Hamilton, Ontario.