Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vole Tracks ?

Vole Tracks ?, originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer.

Because there are both "galloping" and "running" tracks, I am thinking these are tracks from a vole . . . or maybe a shrew. According to Donald Stokes "A Guide to Nature in Winter," vole tracks are more common in the country and shrew tracks are more common in the suburbs so that adds to the idea that these tracks are probably vole tracks. These tracks were found in a small woodlot at the edge of the property that I live on. Does anyone have any other ideas re the maker?


threecollie said...

Can't help you with the ID, but I always get a kick out of finding the little tiny tracks stitched across the yard in the morning after a snow. Sometimes it is fun to follow them and see what they were up too all night.

Anonymous said...

So often this winter as I have looked out across the yard I have bemoaned the lack of pristine snow blaming my overactive sleep-all-day-so-she-can-bark-all-night dog. This morning as I made an early trip to the burn barrel, I find that the place must be absolutely overrun by rabbits. Or perhaps just a couple of really busy ones? I can hope. Note to self: be cautious of assumptions made sans glasses.