Friday, April 27, 2007

Snake Story

Snake Story, originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens today there were hundreds of school children being introduced to a variety of nature experiences including an illustrated talk on endangered species. I attempted to take some photos while the lecture was going on of some of the endangered animals they were showing. It was not very light in the auditorium so most of my photos were somewhat blurry, as I did not use the flash on my camera out of respect for the animals. What impressed me the most about the presentation and audience was a very young girl who passed me on the way out and asked how my photos were. I told her they were not too good due to the light. She replied that I was the only one who cared enough about the animals to not use the flash and the animals were less frightened because of me. I was impressed that she noticed and knew why I had not used the flash. There is hope for at least some of our youth!


Unknown said...

Hi OW,

The RBG is one of my favourite places in southern Ontario. It is such a great place to relax and explore. I try to visit with my children whenever I get "home" for an extended visit.

I wanted to echo your comment on young people too. I work with kids from K to High School. Many are self obsessed, shallow or ill mannered. My observation is that they have learned to be this way by imitating parents or being over indulged. It sounds a bit jaded but that has been my observation. There are others, like the young person you enountered, who are real gems though, who are the opposite of the 'mob'. They provide the joy that keep me going to work everyday.

robin andrea said...

Nice story, ow. I worked with college kids for many years, and most are also self-absorbed and ill-mannered. There were always a few every year though who stood out and gave me hope for the future.

Great snake.

Anonymous said...

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