Monday, March 12, 2007

Art Show in Progress

The art show at the You/Me Gallery in Hamilton opened last Friday evening. Here are two photos taken by Fleur-Ange from the show.

Above are two works by Linda Rapai. I believe the one on the right is a print but the one on the left included a print, some collage, some graphite work, and . . .

In this second photo, one of my sculptures in on the stand. The six acrylic painting on the wall by the door were done by Gail Peck. Above the six painting near the ceiling is a long photo print by Gerald Allain. He has a second long photo print on the wall to the right also near the ceiling. The larger painting on the right wall was done by Lorraine Darke.

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Rurality said...

These are all really nice! I have to curtail my art show attendance nowdays because I want to buy everything and there's no money in the budget for that!