Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Wild Flower Letter

        Every month, I send out a newsletter about flowers that I have found in years past in the Hamilton and Brantford area of Ontario. I can't remember if I ever posted the letter here before but here is the one from April of this year with a few omissions that did not seem to make sense for this blog:


April Greetings from Dean,

        I am still waiting for winter to give up. As there is still snow in the forecast and my fingers are still cold and there are very few flowers in bloom, the Monday evening walks are still on hold. I will send out a note when I schedule them to start.

        So far, quite a few flowers are about 10 days to 2 weeks later than my earliest dates. We did have a few warmer winters a few years ago that probably skewed the early date times so maybe this is closer to “normal.”

Following are the names of plants that have bloomed in past Aprils: (S is for Shrub, T is for Tree, * is for alien)

Alder, European * (S)
Alder, Speckled(S)
Anemone, Rue
Anemone, Wood
Ash, Blue (T)
Aspen, Large-Toothed (T)
Aspen, Trembling (T)
Baneberry, Red
Barberry, Japanese * (S)
Beech, American (T)
Bellwort, Large-Flowered
Birch, White (T)
Bittercress, Hairy *
Bluebells, Virginia
Butterbur *
Buttercup, Hispid
Buttercup, Kidneyleaf
Celandine *
Celandine, Lesser *
Chickweed, Common * 
Chickweed, Jagged *
Chickweed, Mouse-Ear *
Cohosh, Giant Blue
Coltsfoot *
Cress, Hairy Rock
Cress, Mouse-Ear *
Cress, Purple (Pink Spring Cress)
Crowfoot, Cursed
Crown-vetch, Purple *
Currant, Wild Black (S)
Current, European Red (Garden)(S)
Dandelion, Common *
Dandelion, Marsh *
Dandelion, Red-Seeded *
Dead-Nettle, Purple *
Dead-Nettle, Spotted *
Dutchman's Breeches
Elderberry, Red
Elm, American (T)
False Mermaid
Forget-Me-Not, True *
Geranium, Wild
Gooseberry, Eastern Prickly
Ground Ivy *
Groundsel, Common * 
Groundsel, Sticky * (S.Ragwort)
Hazel, American (S)
Hazel, Beaked (S)
Henbit *
Hepatica, Round-Lobed 
Hepatica, Sharp-Lobed
Honesty *
Hop-Hornbeam (T)
Horsetail, Field (Pollen)
Hyacinth, Grape *
Johnny Jump-Up *
Mallow, Common(Cheeses) *
Maple, Manitoba (T)
Maple, Norway * (T)
Maple, Red (T)
Maple, Silver (T)
Maple, Sugar (T)
Marigold, Marsh 
Meadow-Rue, Early
Medick, Black *
Mustard, Garlic *
Pennycress, Field *
Periwinkle *
Plum, Canada (T)
Pussytoes, Field
Pussytoes, Parlin's
Pussytoes, Smaller Rare In H/W
Redbud (T)
Redcedar, Eastern (T)
Rocket, Yellow *
Saxifrage, Early
Saxifrage, Golden
Scilla * (Blue)
Scorpion-Grass, Blue *
Sedge, Long-stalked
Sedge, Pennsylvania
Shadbush, Common (T)
Shadbush, Smooth (T)
Shadush Species (T)
Shepherd's Purse *
Skunk Cabbage
Speedwell, Corn *
Speedwell, Persian *
Speedwell, Slender *
Speedwell, Thyme-Leaved *
Speedwell, Wayside *
Spicebush (S)
Spring Beauty, Carolina
Spring Beauty, Narrow-leaved
Spurge, Cypress *
Spurge, Petty *
Storksbill *
Strawberry, Barren
Strawberry, Field
Strawberry, Woodland
Tamarack (T)
Toothwort, Cut-Leaved
Toothwort, Two-leaved (Crinkleroot)
Trillium, Red
Trillium, White
Trout-Lily, White
Violet, Canada
Violet, Common
Violet, Dog
Violet, Downy Yellow
Violet, Leconte's
Violet, Long-Spurred
Violet, N.Blue
Violet, N.White *
Violet, Selkirk's
Violet, Sweet White
Whitlow Grass *
Wild Ginger
Willow, Pussy (S)
Wood Sorrel, Yellow
Woodrush, Hairy

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