Sunday, November 02, 2014

Another Half Marathon

        I have run Hamilton’s Road-2-Hope race all eight times that it has been run. Seven times I ran the half marathon and one time, when I was 66, I ran the full marathon. During the past four half marathons I have been just a bit faster each time with today’s being the best of the last four. Before that I had one very slow run and two faster runs. Last year I actually place in the top three with a second place finish. Even though I ran faster this year, I came in forth in my age group out of 5. I was a bit disappointed but then I did come in before 236 other runners of whom almost all were younger than I and then there are all those who are not running or did not even make it to my age so I cannot feel too bad. 

Thanks to Fleur-Ange for the photo!

        Oh, today’s time was 2:22:24 compared to my slowest half marathon 2:37:54 back when I was 66. My fastest half was when I was 48 years old and it was 1:43:56. I am hoping to keep running for a few more years. I signed up for the Hamilton Bay Race next March. It is 30 km with a few more ups and downs compared to what I ran today. I shall not be trying for a faster time in that race but just to finish as it has always been a challenge for me and resulted in a long 6 year recess from running years ago due to an injury. I will be pleased to just finish!

Thanks to Donna Quick for this photo!

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